Press Release: Congrex Switzerland’s Commitment to Sustainability: CO2 Compensation and Swisstainable Level 1 Classification

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Press Releases & Congrex News

Basel, 6th June 2023 | Congrex Switzerland is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through its sustainability efforts. Recognising the importance of reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices, Congrex Switzerland has implemented several initiatives to minimise its ecological footprint.

One significant aspect of Congrex Switzerland’s sustainability strategy is the compensation of CO2 emissions generated by all flights associated with its operations. Understanding that air travel generates a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the company takes responsibility for its carbon footprint by investing in certified carbon offset projects. By supporting renewable energy initiatives, reforestation programmes, and energy efficiency projects, Congrex Switzerland aims to neutralise the environmental impact of the business flights taken by its employees.

In recognition of its commitment to sustainability, Congrex Switzerland has been awarded the Swisstainable Level 1 classification. The Swisstainable initiative aims to unite businesses and organisations throughout the entire Swiss tourism sector. With our participation, we are showing our commitment to continuous sustainable business development. By pursuing measures in the field of sustainability, we are making a real contribution to sustainable Swiss tourism.

“Caring about our planet is part of our core values. Our target is to reach net zero emissions by 2028. We know that this is a very ambitious goal, but we are convinced that it is achievable. The compensation of our business flights is one of many steps we will take”,

says Silvano Schaer, CCO.

Congrex Switzerland’s sustainability efforts extend beyond the office walls by actively promoting sustainable event management practices. Working with clients, suppliers, and venues, Congrex Switzerland aims to encourage the adoption of sustainable solutions and the use of and local sourcing of eco-friendly materials. By leading through example and providing guidance on sustainable event planning, Congrex Switzerland strives to create a more environmentally conscious and responsible industry.

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