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Association Management:

We’re here to help associations operate, thrive, and grow through comprehensive management services.

We provide management and specialised administrative support to professional associations. Hiring an association management company, like Congrex, can often be a cost and time-efficient way to access the expertise you lack in house to manage and grow your association.

Associations today face a world of constant change where it is increasingly difficult to successfully grow and achieve their objectives while maintaining a long-term vision. In light of this, succeeding as an association requires a multi-faceted approach that takes into account human, financial, and legal concerns and the changing nature of society.

Our association management team

The association management team at Congrex Switzerland specialises in providing the kind of comprehensive guidance that helps build a strong and future-focused organisation.

Having worked with some of the largest associations in Europe, we are equipped to help your association grow, enhancing your ability to bring about positive change and achieve your goals. Our objective is to help keep your association relevant, compliant, and moving in the right direction.

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