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Conferences are spaces that favour the smooth flow of valuable information and become a central point for the delivery of cutting-edge value within every industry sector. When they are adequately organised, conferences become the ideal place for the exchange of novel ideas, but for that to happen, large amounts of information must be efficiently handled.

At Congrex Switzerland we understand the importance of delivering the right content during your conference. This is why we have a dedicated abstract management team with ample experience in industry events of all sizes. To assist you in the selection and delivery of ground-breaking content, we make use of the latest technologies to provide comprehensive abstract management services to associations. 

Our abstract system relies on a process-oriented method that offers complete solutions for managing abstracts and full papers. We can take care of abstract and paper management every step of the way, from initial submission to review and including the design of scientific event programmes. Our software is continuously updated according to the requirements of each industry sector and is one of the most advanced in the world. 

Exceptional human talent complements our abstract management technological know-how. Our in-house team of dedicated scientific programme experts can organise abstract selection meetings, coordinate contact with relevant scientific committees, and liaise with speakers and poster presenters. Moreover, we offer on-site support to event speakers via our dedicated service centre and a poster desk to assist with the publication of printed papers and e-posters.

Our objective is to help you get the right content delivered to the right audience in the most suitable format and at the right time.

Our abstract management services are available before and during your event and include:

Prior To The Event

  • Identifying optimal solutions concerning programme structure and logistics
  • Organising programme meetings
  • Organising the online abstract submission process
  • Coordinating abstract reviewing and scoring online
  • Preparing materials for publication available in print, audio, and web-based formats
  • Developing a personal programme navigator / web-based access to the final programme for personal planning purposes


During The Event

  • Speaker Service Center: Providing speakers with face-to-face assistance and secretariat management
  • Poster Desk
  • Personal programme navigator / web-based access to the final programme for personal planning purposes and onsite changes

In Brief

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