In the meeting industry, it is the people who make a difference.

The success of our business is directly linked to the satisfaction of our employees. Therefore, we try to keep the contentment of our staff high and stand up for our principles:

Diversity and Equality:

We at Congrex Switzerland work in an international team with plenty of character with sufficient leeway but one common goal: To achieve memorable conferences, host happy participants and reach membership engagement. At our team all employees are treated equally no matter how old, what nationality, sex or background. We are especially open to millennials and offer a springboard for young talents.

Work Life Balance:

We are committed to ensuring the compatibility of work and private life. Work is taking over the lives of many of us in today’s dynamic, fast-paced environment. We offer our employees a job with enough space for the family and personal matters, but at the same time, we keep the quality of our work high. We provide flexible working hours such as possibilities to work part-time or from home.

Team spirit:

We work as a team to gain the many benefits of group work such as combined strength, increased creativity and collective brainstorming. For us it is very important to have a strong bond within the company, which we strengthen through regular team events, staff meetings and team building activities. In our kitchen, there is always a cheerful atmosphere and you can enjoy a fresh fruit basket everyday.

Career opportunities:

At Congrex Switzerland, you can work in a diverse team with leading experts and benefit from worldwide expertise. We facilitate a continuous learning process and offer a wide range of training opportunities and promotion possibilities.

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