knowing your conference
is in good hands

About us

Which mindset can you expect from us?

The motivated and enthusiastic attitude of our team leads to a steady level of high quality.

We live CUSTOMER SERVICE at its best by being committed to excellence, quality and efficiency.

We CARE – our clients, participants, employees and planet deserve our care and attention.

PROGRESS SPIRIT – we embrace challenges and create smart solutions out of the box.

TEAM SPIRIT – we work hard and with dedication but we never forget the joy and the smile. We foster empowerment, individuality and passion.

RELIABILITY – we aim to be a reliable and trusted partner with all stakeholders. Transparency and open communication are necessary to build lasting relationships.

Our Purpose

To make it easy to run an event successfully – for anyone, anytime & anywhere

Brand Promise

Peace of mind – Knowing your conference is in good hands.

Our Core Value Customer Service

We live customer service at its best by being committed to excellence, quality and efficiency.

Values are essential in creating an enduring organization as they embody our collective commitment to the standards we believe are essential to our reputation and growth.

And what is one of our most important values? Customer Service – we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. Every day I see examples of excellence, quality and efficiency, which makes me very proud of all team members.

  • I see excellence when our sponsorship sales team exceeds the target revenue from sponsors.
  • I see quality when our account managers provide a most accurate budget for the client and give recommendation on how to save money or how to handle VAT issues.
  • I see efficiency when we manage to organise 200 presents for the faculty the night before the conference if the chair expresses this new wish.

The world is changing very fast and it is important to adapt. However, it is also important to know what will not change at Congrex Switzerland, namely our commitment to providing exceptional client service.

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