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Managing an association or non-profit organisation is a complex task, and is much more so in sectors or environments that are likely to be in constant change. Moreover, associations and non-profits often need to implement administration management methods that are markedly different from those used by corporate firms. In the majority of cases, associations need to develop custom-made admin strategies that require an exceptional understanding of the past, present, and future of their sector and member base.

Congrex Switzerland provides full-service administration management solutions to associations and non-profits. These range from executive and financial management to volunteer leadership planning, including communication strategy, membership growth, and the planning of conferences and events. We use a systematic approach coherent with your mission and values, which ensures that your association remains attuned to the changing needs of members and of the environment in which it operates.

In addition to expert admin support in day-to-day activities for effective long-term management, some of the administration management solutions available include full reviews of your strategic agenda, consulting on operational plans, optimisation of service delivery systems, benchmarking, and progress monitoring.

As part of our administration management services, we also provide expert assistance to help your organisation achieve a robust digital presence that complements other aspects of association management. An online presence is crucial for membership engagement, as it is a valuable tool to appeal to new generations and can determine the future success of every organisation. Having a polished digital presence is also essential because it allows for the creation of interactive strategies that can multiply the appeal and reach of your communicative efforts. Some of our digital management services include the design of modern and informative websites and social media campaigns.

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