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Event Technologies to Achieve a Captivating Attendee Experience title image showing engaged attendees clapping hands

Improving the Attendee Experience with Event Technology

5 Event Technologies to Achieve a Captivating Attendee Experience Despite the many changes in the meeting industry, the attendee experience…

conference budgeting and cash flow

Proactive Budgeting for Conferences: How to Manage Cash Flow

From securing a conference venue and inviting keynote speakers to event marketing, conference event planning is an overwhelming experience. The…

What to consider when organising a medical conference

What to consider when organising a medical conference

When organising a medical conference, your main goal should always be to create a robust learning and networking experience for…

professional congress organiser Core PCO

The Role of the Professional Conference Organiser (Core PCO) [2021 updated version]

Where can a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) help you make your live easier? Learn more about the professional services a…

hans holding a tablet reading online event planning checklist

The Ultimate Beginner’s Online Event Planning Checklist

Event and conference attendees’ health and safety is a significant concern for event and meeting planners and will be so…

conference registration process

5 Tips to Improve the Conference Registration Process

The practical part of organising a conference starts with securing a venue, lining up speakers, and streamlining your marketing campaign.…

What Is the Future of Events After COVID-19?

What Is the Future of Events After COVID-19?

As for meeting and event planners and all stakeholders of the meetings and events industry, we are still witnessing the…

Future of Scientific Meetings - C. Mutschenlechner

The Future of Scientific Meetings

Knowledge Exchange, Post Graduate Learning, Efficient Networking – The Future of Scientific Meetings. Author: Christian Mutschlechner The format of scientific…

title image for blog conference trends to watch

Five Conference Trends To Watch In 2019/2020

What conference trends can you expect still in 2019 and for 2019? The past two years have been packed with…

GDPR in the meeting industry

Assessing The Impact Of GDPR On The Meeting Industry

GDPR and the meeting industry. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection has now been in force…

association consulting

How To Beat The Stress of Association Management

Managing an association is a huge undertaking, and with responsibility of this magnitude comes the pressure to perform. When you…

Cryptocurrency: A New Means of Payment at Congrex

Cryptocurrency: A New Means of Payment at Congrex

Congrex Switzerland and Digital Currency We do our best to always stay at the forefront of digital trends. At Congrex…

Proefessional Conference Organizer

5 Ways A Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Can Help You

Are Healthy Conference Choices Now Preferred Among Conference Attendees

Are Healthy Conference Choices Now Preferred Among Conference Attendees?

Has a healthy conference and health-conscious behaviour become the new norm? According to one of the leading international trade fair…

Exhibition And Sponsorship

The Importance Of A Carefully Planned Exhibition And Sponsorship Strategy

Exhibition and Sponsorhip: Finding funds is one of the key challenges when organising annual conferences or similar events. Recent research…

GDPR Congrex Switzerland

GDPR – Congrex Switzerland is ready, are you?

On May 25, 2018 – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will become fully enforceable throughout the European Union – at…

Using Technology To Magnify The Positive Impact Of Conferences

Conferences provide invaluable opportunities for networking, exchanging innovative concepts, and establishing gold standards. Conference technology can help take the conference…

conference travel

Top Tips for your Untroubled Conference Travel

Many professionals tend to focus upon travelling to conferences about the day of the event itself. This is perfectly fine…

technology trends meetings industry

5 Technology Trends in the Meetings Industry

When it comes to technology trends in the meetings industry, there is no doubt that the entire industry has entered…

Appoint a PCO - Professional Conference Organizer

When to Appoint a PCO?

You can really decide to appoint a PCO or Professional Conference Organiser at any stage during the conference planning process,…

Roles defined in Meeting Management

Meeting Management: How to Organise a Conference with Roles Defined

Meeting management. Every conference or event is different and requires experienced organising committees in order to manage everything needed for…

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