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International Conference Planning 2023

Planning an International Conference: 2023 Guidelines & Tips

Although virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, in 2023, in-person events are back and require a carefully orchestrated…

professional congress organiser Core PCO

The Role of the Professional Conference Organiser (Core PCO) [2021 updated version]

Where can a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) help you make your live easier? Learn more about the professional services a…

title image for blog conference trends to watch

Five Conference Trends To Watch In 2019/2020

What conference trends can you expect still in 2019 and for 2019? The past two years have been packed with…

GDPR in the meeting industry

Assessing The Impact Of GDPR On The Meeting Industry

GDPR and the meeting industry. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection has now been in force…

professional conference organizer

How A Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Will Streamline Your Conference Financials

You are planning to host a conference? At the first sight of all processes involved, you can be easily overwhelmed…

conference budget

How to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Budget

When obtaining a conference budget, there are many facets that can determine your success. The same goes for any operation,…

Future of Meetings

Six key trends shaping the future of meetings

Infographic The future of meetings is here: from new benchmarks for user experiences to technological upgrades. We take a look…

Image to the blog: Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)

Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Conference Organiser (PCO)

If you have been asked to help organise an important event and you have little or no experience in conference…

conference travel agency

The Benefits of using a Professional Conference Travel Agency to accommodate Faculty Members

The importance of ensuring a smooth travel experience for conference attendees should never be underestimated. When it comes to catering…

Employee Engagement

From Apprentice to Permanent – Employee Engagement and motivated Staff from the very Beginning!

Congrex Switzerland has been training young employees for seven years and builds that way a continuous basis for a highly…

Get ready: 7th Joint ECTRIMS – ACTRIMS Meeting – World’s Largest Multiple Sclerosis Conference

after attending a conference

5 Actions to Take Immediately After Attending a Conference

conference travel

Top Tips for your Untroubled Conference Travel

Many professionals tend to focus upon travelling to conferences about the day of the event itself. This is perfectly fine…

climate-friendly conference

Climate-Friendly Conference: What You Need to Know

There are many matters associated with today’s public events or conferences. Most organisers will take into account metrics such as…

Conference Influencer

How to Attract Influencers to Conferences and Events

One of the most important signs of quality in regards to a conference is the quality of its keynote speakers.…

finding speakers

Finding Speakers for Your Next Event or Conference: Five Essential Steps for Success

Any conference or event is punctuated by speakers who are able to engage an audience, highlight scientific content and research…

Team Celebration Congrex

New big wins and renewals for Congrex Switzerland

Congrex Switzerland is excited to announce that several important contracts have been confirmed with former, existing and new clients in…

Room Block Poachers

Room Block Poachers: What You Need to Know!

Year after year, conference after conference, associations, destination management and travel consultants, professional conference organisers and other experts in the meeting industry…

conference accommodation

5 Tips How To Organise Conference Accommodation Across the Globe

In order to book the proper conference accommodation in a foreign country that is appropriate for an upcoming conference, you will…

Venue Sourcing

5 Tips For Effective Venue Sourcing For Your Next Conference

Effective venue sourcing is key for the success of your next conference, meeting or trade show. Not long after the…

Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

The Importance of Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

Income from Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship is very important. You need to look for someone who can help you raise…

Roles defined in Meeting Management

Meeting Management: How to Organise a Conference with Roles Defined

Meeting management. Every conference or event is different and requires experienced organising committees in order to manage everything needed for…

Conference Accommodation, how to make sure you book the right hotel with the right conditions?

Conference Accommodation: The Secrets of International Hotel Contracts

Booking conference accommodation in a foreign country can be problematic; there are language barriers, different cultural aspects, currency issues, as…

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