When it comes to technology trends in the meetings industry, there is no doubt that the entire industry has entered into the digital domain. Attendees have come to expect nothing less, and in turn, organisers need to be able to employ all of the latest technology trends available. What are some of the most innovate solutions in existence and how can they be leveraged to benefit the typical conference? Let us examine five of the most common tech solutions currently available.

Indoor Tracking

The concept of Near Field Communication (NFC), which include the so-called iBeacon Technology, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) have been around for some time, and are now being deployed within the events technology sector. Readers will be correct in noting that also RFID offers a wider scope than NFC, its expensive nature may cause it to strive to compete in an environment where the bottom line is all-important. Indoor tracking systems allow event managers to interact personally with visitors and attendees by triggering location-specific content and alerts to their mobile devices, and provide all kind of data and invaluable information from both a qualitative and a quantitative point of view. Besides, they can help to enhance engagement through interaction with popular social media platforms, which highlights the next major topic:

Increased Social Media Presence

Of course, social media has been involved with ongoing technology trends in the meetings industry for some time. User-generated content is considered to be king and platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are catering to this important metric. Examples can be seen in the increasing prevalence of streaming video options such as Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Story.

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Not only is this beneficial regarding the visitors, but organisers can likewise stream the event; leading to a greater number of followers and ultimately, increased public interest.

The Conference Smartphone Application

Conference smartphone apps have now become one of the clearest technology trends in the meetings industry. They are intended to provide detailed itineraries, highlight information about specific seminars and provide the user with access to essential details such as reminders of when the event is taking place. Coordinators are now designing apps in such a way as to allow users to socialise with one another, to ask questions and to share details with like-minded stakeholders. The primary issue is developing an application that is associated with a minimal memory footprint while simultaneously boasting a user-friendly appeal. As a result, organisers are taking much of the guesswork out of the entire interactive process.

The Emergence of Virtual Reality (VR)

VR platforms such as Oculus Rift are already popular within the gaming community, and they have now made their way into the domain of events technology. Their primary purpose is to provide a more interactive experience to the end user. VR assistants can address common questions, market a service and even dissect a particular product in ways that would have been impossible only a handful of years ago. VR booths are also able to catch the attention of the visitor; critical within an increasingly competitive marketplace. Attendees will remain engaged for longer periods of time and as a result, they are more likely to become return visitors.

Software Planning Tools

Event planning has likewise been streamlined thanks to the prevalence of bespoke software management systems and mobile applications. Taking the concept of CRM to the next level, these bundles can address numerous issues such as:

  • The logistics of the event
  • Website development
  • The event registration process
  • Client engagement
  • Finding the correct meeting venue
  • Project management and team collaboration
  • And many others

In the same respect, this type of meetings technology can help to collate data after the event itself; enabling organisers to more easily interpret their success as well as to examine potential areas which should be improved.

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Technology Trends in the Meetings Industry: Just Scratching the Surface

These are a handful of examples of how tech is transforming the entire sector. However, it is still the responsibility of the organisers and planners to employ such methods as they continue to emerge. If they are deployed in the correct manner, future success will become a reality in the present. For more and detailed information, please contact our dedicated staff and learn, how you can take advantage of technology in the meetings industry.


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