How to Attract Influencers to Conferences and Events

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One of the most important signs of quality in regards to a conference is the quality of its keynote speakers. In many ways, a conference influencer can be viewed as a “human billboard”. These individuals highlight the reputation and the quality of the event, which are both key metrics to attract delegates and to illustrate a professional atmosphere. However, attracting such personalities can be challenging on occasion. Many organisations are unfamiliar with the most appropriate methods employed to capture the attention of a potential event influencer. Let us examine some top suggestions and how you can leverage such practices to your advantage.

Identifying the Conference Influencer

Not all personalities will bring the same level of reputability to the stage. It is, therefore, critical to identify those who are the best within your particular sector. You can accomplish this in various ways. Some useful approaches to embrace include:

  • Noting which hashtags are the most popular
  • Identifying the social media pages with the most followers
  • Search engine results (SERP) based off of a username query
  • A questionnaire asking which speakers previous delegates would be interested in hearing

Discovering the answers to these questions will enable the organising committee to place its focus in the right direction and choose the individual most suited for the role.

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Personalised Invitations

An invitation is the first point of contact between the association and the influencer. It, therefore, makes lots of sense that such a correspondence appears professional and transparent. However, an invitation also must look personalised as opposed to generic. Standard inquiries will be met with deaf ears; particularly if the influencer receives many requests. A dedicated email from the organiser is preferable. Many are also now choosing a real messenger service, as this can stand out from the decidedly anonymous nature of electronic mail.

Strength in Numbers

We must recognise that encountering the most relevant conference influencer should be approached much like any other marketing campaign. In this manner, it is wise to collaborate with a stakeholder or organisation that shares similar goals. There are two reasons why this is an excellent suggestion to follow. First, responsibilities can be shared between two or more parties. A great way to manage the workflow without becoming overwhelmed. The second reason revolves around public credibility. Possessing a strategic partner will illustrate to the potential speaker that the conference has already generated influence. On a final note, let us remember that a strategic partner will also help to promote the event itself.

Selecting the Appropriate Venue

The location of the conference will have a great deal to do with its initial reception. For example, which of these two venues will appear more attractive to the influencer?

  • A fancy venue located in the city centre of an attractive city
  • A public meeting hall found 15 kilometres from the nearest public transportation hub

In many ways, the location of the conference will directly reflect upon its professional appeal. It is for this reason that a good deal of thought must take place before deciding on a specific venue. In the same manner, make sure that the final choice possesses adequate infrastructure. Examples here include modern audio-visual equipment, sufficient seating capacity, and a dedicated on-site support staff.

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Enticing the Speaker

A qualified conference influencer likely receives numerous invitations on a monthly basis. So, why would he or she positively respond to a certain request? With all other things being equal, the ability to offer amenities could make all of the difference in the world. Full hotel compensation bespoke transportation to and from the venue, complimentary meals, and reimbursed travel tickets are some examples which are often utilised to “lure” this personality. Thus, it is wise to set aside a specific amount of money within a budget to address such variables when necessary.

There is no doubt that employing an conference influencer is one of the best ways to lend an air of professionalism and pertinence to what you offer to the delegates. These methods are all effective means to attract such a keynote speaker. Understanding these concepts in advance is an excellent way to ensure success.


Congrex Switzerland is an internationally operating agency delivering customised solutions. This encompasses the overall organisation of conferences and meetings including the management of hotel rooms and the strategic consultancy. Annually Congrex Switzerland organises approximately 33 events with over 73’000 delegates. Amongst our clients are international associations, governmental organisations and corporations.

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