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In the swiftly changing digital landscape, associations face a pressing need to evolve their communication strategies. Long gone are the days when a single-event strategy sufficed. Today’s members seek a consistent, personalized engagement experience. Recognizing this need is vital, but how can associations truly engage their members throughout the year? Introducing the 365 communication plan (click to download) – a strategy that shifts from sporadic, event-based interactions to consistent, year-round engagement.

One of the significant shifts in modern communication is the move from single-event-focused strategies to year-round communication. This approach ensures associations remain top-of-mind for their members, enhancing member retention and fostering community engagement. Associations that harness a year-round strategy also enjoy the flexibility to react promptly to developments and member interests, reinforcing their relevance in the sector. In essence, a 365 communication plan not only increases an association’s visibility but firmly establishes it as an industry thought leader.

However, transitioning isn’t without its challenges. Traditional event-based strategies, although effective in producing short-lived attention spikes, often struggle to maintain prolonged member engagement. By being primarily event-focused, associations may inadvertently limit their reach, missing out on invaluable opportunities to connect deeper with their audience. The solution? Embrace a 365 communication plan utilising multiple channels, ensuring consistent touchpoints with members and potential members.

Furthermore, to truly maximize reach and engagement in today’s dynamic environment, it’s imperative for associations to harness the power of omnichannel communication. This strategy is not merely about using multiple channels but ensuring a seamlessly integrated message across all platforms, from social media and email to apps and websites. And the benefits are evident. Campaigns that leverage three or more channels can achieve a staggering 90% higher engagement rate compared to single-channel efforts.

Our Sales & Marketing Coordinator Leonie Trogus has you covered with an insightful white paper (click to download) that delves into the importance of continuous communication, the challenges of event-based strategies, and the power of omnichannel communication. This extensive paper delves into the core building blocks required to construct a robust 365 communication plan. From understanding your target audience and clarifying your message to selecting the most suitable communication channels and creating a content calendar, every step is pivotal.

To aid associations in their journey, this paper offers clear recommendations. Starting with an in-depth analysis of target groups and setting clear KPIs to harnessing analytical tools for performance evaluation and emphasizing consistent, authentic communication – the 365 communication plan (click to download) is a game-changer.

Take your association’s engagement to new heights, foster lasting relationships, and cement your position in the industry with the ultimate guide on the 365 communication plan.


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