Hotel Accommodation Services

The success of an event is not only assessed based on what takes place at the event venue. In an experience economy, event organisers are also expected to provide a range of services such as hotel accommodation.

Hotel accommodation services are an integral part of our core PCO offer for associations, corporate meetings, and events organised by government institutions. Our specialised accommodation booking and management service helps provide a seamless experience that reinforces the overall value of every event and underlines the professionalism and prestige of the organiser.

We have a team of hotel accommodation consultants with wide-ranging expertise identifying and handling the most suitable accommodation options for event participants. Event size is never an issue, since our accommodation management team has a wealth of insider knowledge about the venues available and the skills needed to book and manage accommodation for large association conferences with more than 30,000 delegates.

Over the years, our experts have built an extensive network of contacts with leading hotel chains that allows us to obtain highly competitive room rates and favourable conditions on your behalf. This valuable service enables event organisers to focus on other aspects of the event and provides a seamless experience to event participants and attendees.

In the current environment of online channels, people book their rooms through hotel booking-engines with real-time room rates. Congrex Switzerland has integrated a worldwide leading online booking engine into its own accommodation sales system. Therefore, the participants benefit from best available room rates, up to date hotel descriptions and can access the latest pictures of the hotels.

Our hotel accommodation solutions cover the following areas:

Accommodation Sourcing 

  • Identifying and negotiating accommodation venues worldwide
  • Coordinating requirements and other details of the stay with hotels


Booking Processing

  • Securing rooms blocks in various hotel categories
  • Setting up an online booking engine
  • Coordinating and managing bookings and changes (for both individual and group bookings)
  • Providing on-site support as and when required

Legal and Financial 

  • Organising deposit payments to guarantee bookings
  • Setting up hotel accounts as required
  • Post-event reporting and financial consolidation
  • Consulting to ensure compliance with local regulations/pharmaceutical codex where applicable

In Brief

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