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Switzerland is located in Central Europe. The landlocked country offers towering mountains, deep alpine lakes, grassy valleys with well-kept farms and small villages as well as thriving cities.

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Basler Fortbildungstage Retina (Glaucoma Meeting)



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Swiss Hernia Days

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Tumortage Winterthur 2018

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Urology Arena 2019

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Aesthetics and Arts 2019

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Press Release: Congrex Switzerland’s Commitment to Sustainability: CO2 Compensation and Swisstainable Level 1 Classification

Basel, 6th June 2023 | Congrex Switzerland is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through its sustainability efforts.…

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Driving Continuous Improvement at Congrex: Embracing Kaizen

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meet our team: Timothy Picton

Meet our Team: Timothy Picton (Part 2)

Meet Timothy: A young person embarking on a transformative journey at Congrex. The Swiss education system is notable for its…

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