Exhibition and Sponsorship Planning Services

Organising memorable exhibitions and developing strong ties with sponsors is crucial to the success of every association. Exhibitions offer a singular opportunity to reach target audiences and establish the value of associations, whereas strong sponsorship relations with suitable industry players are essential to guarantee the financial success of an association’s event.

Congrex Switzerland is an established PCO firm whose in-house industry relations team has a vast network of contacts in leading international corporations. This allows us to offer ongoing support in all aspects of exhibition and sponsorship planning.

We offer bespoke consulting services that target every element of exhibitions and sponsorship planning and implementation. Our services are designed on a case-by-case basis to suit the unique requirements of each association and every event.


Our team specialises in finding the right match between sponsors and associations so they can mutually reinforce credibility, generate leads and new connections, paving the way for healthy and meaningful relationships, and broaden the reach of the sponsored event.

We take a proactive sales approach to sponsorship growth by setting, managing, and reviewing realistic goals and targets. As part of our results-oriented method, we create tailor-made sponsorship sales plans for conferences and any other event organised by your association.


At Congrex Switzerland we take time to understand the objective of your exhibition and to devise a robust strategy to help you accomplish your goals and maximise returns on investment. We offer a comprehensive range of exhibition planning services to cover every stage of the process along four main areas:

Planning and On-Site Services

  • General exhibition planning
  • Creation and maintenance of floor plans
  • Handling stand allocation procedures
  • On-site management of exhibition stand and other resources
  • Coordinating the set-up and dismantling of exhibition stands


Administrative Support

  • Invitation to exhibit procedure as per the official requirements
  • Preparing and distributing sales prospectus
  • Providing exhibition admin schedules
  • Developing and maintaining potential exhibitors database


Third Party Liaison

  • Handling venue management
  • Negotiating, appointing, and liaising with sub-contractors
  • Liaising with participating companies
  • Invoicing exhibitors and other sub-contractors
  • Appointing and scheduling security staff


Compliance & Security

  • Managing health and safety regulations
  • Managing risk assessment procedures
  • Consulting to ensure compliance with local regulations/pharmaceutical codex where applicable

In Brief

Branch: Associations

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