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When you have to organise a conference annually, you need to find creative ways to make the conference memorable. An unforgettable meeting guarantees more attendees in the next convention. Maintaining simplicity and allowing the theme to speak for itself will make your conference stand out. However, meeting planning is tedious and stressful. You have to coordinate with the vendors, finding a venue, and speakers. Not even to think about travel and accommodation planning, finding influencers, security issues, your abstract handling, networking events or faculty arrangements, etc. It can be overwhelming when you are organising the conference for the first time. You stand a better chance of hosting a fantastic meeting if you find a professional conference organiser.

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Here are eight tips  that will make your conference memorable:

Welcome Your Guest at the Entrance

Making a good impression is critical, and it makes a significant difference in the conference. Station a team to welcome guests as they arrive and show them where to go. The welcome team should know the group of people attending the event and the appropriate way to address them. Apart from welcoming guests, you can make the entry memorable with special lighting and music. It will make the guests feel welcome and relax them for the meeting. 

Recognise First-Time Guests to the Conference

You want to make first-time attendees feel welcome for them to attend your next conference. Therefore, you can organise for someone to talk to them. Providing badges will make them stand out in the crowd. It will also be easier to identify and deliver exceptional treatment.

Provide High-Speed Internet (we still need to mention this?)

Your attendees need a form of communication. Therefore, ensure the convention centre offers stable high-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of charging points. You should also provide a hashtag to use on social media. It allows effective communication among the attendees and with the outside world. Besides, you can add a twitter wall for comments and questions.

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Captivating Speakers and an Engaging MC

A lively master of ceremony who can engage both the audience and the speakers can do wonders for your conference. Attending similar conventions each year can become tiresome. However, if you have an MC who can make the audience feel special, the attendees will turn up for your next event. An MC also knows how to navigate the schedule without losing the audience. However, a good MC cannot achieve much if the speakers are dull. The speakers should be eloquent and captivating for their speeches to be memorable.

Goodie Bags (Think Sustainable!)

A couple of free sustainable merchandise is a sure-fire way to remain your conference memorable. Give your attendees re-useable water bottles or notebooks, and it will brighten their day. If the items have the branding of the meeting, they will remember the convention every time they carry the re-useable water bottle. Besides, environmental sustainability is the way to go in this century. Therefore, make the event sustainable by avoiding single-use plastic water bottles and items.

Have Labels and Signs

Most convention centres are enormous, and navigating them can be a challenge. You want your attendees to have a good time and enjoy the event. Therefore, you must have directional signage throughout the venue. It will ease the worry and frustration of not knowing where to go.

Have Quiet Rooms

Having quiet spaces where the guest can relax and unwind will make your event stand out. After a persuasive speech, attendees need some breathing room to gather their thoughts. A few minutes of quiet time will help them concentrate on the next speaker.

Keep the Theme Fresh and Eye-Catching

You need to plan your conference with the audience in mind. If it is an annual event, you need to shake up the theme to keep it fresh. While the branding should be eye-catching, it should appeal to the audience demographics. Repeating the same theme every year makes your event bland. Therefore, you need to think beyond the brand and be creative. Make your event fun without deviating from its purpose.

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Guests have high expectations when attending a meeting. Therefore, lining-up presentations and branding the entire venue will only send them away. You should surpass expectation with every event you host, even if it means hiring a professional conference organiser.  Get in touch with Congrex to find out how to make your next conference memorable.


Congrex Switzerland is an internationally operating agency delivering customised solutions. This encompasses the overall organisation of conferences and meetings, including the management of hotel rooms and the strategic consultancy. Annually Congrex Switzerland organises approximately 45 events with over 73’000 delegates. Amongst our clients are international associations, governmental organisations and corporations.


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