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Verwandeln Sie Ihren Kongress in ein fesselndes Lernerlebnis

Planen Sie gerade Ihren nächsten Kongress? Da Informationen über alles Mögliche buchstäblich per Mausklick oder Fingerwisch verfügbar sind, wird es…

Successful Conference Management For The 21st Century

Erfolgreiches Kongressmanagement für das 21. Jahrhundert

Das Kongressmanagement hat sich grundlegend verändert. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Kongresse bereichern und unvergessliche, wertorientierte Erlebnisse schaffen können.

professional congress organiser Core PCO

Die Rolle des professionellen Konferenzorganisators (PCO) [2021 updated version]

Wie kann ein professioneller Konferenzorganisator (PCO Professional Conference Organiser) helfen, Ihnen das Leben zu erleichtern? Erfahren Sie mehr über die…

hans holding a tablet reading online event planning checklist

The Ultimate Beginner’s Online Event Planning Checklist

Event and conference attendees‘ health and safety is a significant concern for event and meeting planners and will be so…

online event engagement

Online Event Engagement Strategies

Many associations have moved from live events to digital conferences, and there have been concerns about how it affects networking.…

Mitigate Online Event Risks by Developing Protocols

Mitigate Online Event Risks by Developing Protocols

Despite the hype surrounding online conferences, many event managers still do not find them an easy replacement to live events.…

conference registration

5 Tips to Improve the Conference Registration Process

The practical part of organising a conference starts with securing a venue, lining up speakers, and streamlining your marketing campaign.…

Image card for blog about Hybrid Conference Success

How to Ensure Hybrid Conference Success

How can you achieve a successful hybrid conference? In light of the raging Coronavirus pandemic, many event organisers pivoted to…

blog image video conferencing tips

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing?

With the current health crisis, many organisations are switching to remote work. That means you have to stay in touch…

What Is the Future of Events After COVID-19?

What Is the Future of Events After COVID-19?

As for meeting and event planners and all stakeholders of the meetings and events industry, we are still witnessing the…

engagement virtual events

7 Tips to Improve Engagement in Virtual Events1

Is it possible to achieve engagement in virtual events? With the current travel restrictions and limited in-person interactions, virtual and…

Post header Disruption COVID-19 Image showing Fural del

Disruption In The Business Events Industry: Rising To The Challenges Of COVID-19

If there is one subject driving the conversation among meeting and event planners and organisers today, that has to be…

event marketing

All You Need to Know About Event Marketing

Live events are gaining popularity in improving sales and driving business value. Studies indicate that companies are willing to spend…

A Complete Guide To Conference Social Media Marketing

A Complete Guide To Conference Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the nature of events, prioritising elements like engagement, communication, and interaction over the plain delivery of…

title image for blog conference trends to watch

Five Conference Trends To Watch In 2019/2020

What conference trends can you expect still in 2019 and for 2019? The past two years have been packed with…

Six Ideas For Creating A Standout Event Sponsorship Proposal

Creating an exceptional event sponsorship proposal is the first step in the process of securing sponsorship. Event sponsorship is a crucial…

Sabine Adam image news CIM interview

Congrex in the press

Our Director of Business Development and Key Accounts, Sabine Adam, was interviewed by CIM, a European Magazine for the Meetings…

GDPR in the meeting industry

Assessing The Impact Of GDPR On The Meetings Industry

GDPR and the meeting industry. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection has now been in force…


4 Ways to Maximise Visibility For Your Sponsor

So, you have acquired sponsorship for your conference, a much-needed cash injection that can transform your event from being ordinary…

professional conference

4 Quick Steps to Maximise Your Professional Conference

Do you consider hosting a professional conference? There are many benefits to hosting events as an association. First of all,…

 5 Ways A Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Can Help You

5 Ways A Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Can Help You

Association Consulting: 5 Tips Your Members Will Love

Association Consulting: 5 Tips Your Members Will Love

Finding new members for your association can be a very challenging task, especially if your association is of a smaller…

Future of Meetings

Six key trends shaping the future of meetings

Infographic The future of meetings is here: from new benchmarks for user experiences to technological upgrades. We take a look…

7 Principles To Increase Conference Attendee Engagement

Why The Attendee Experience Matters In Conference Planning Engagement is one of the key themes in the digital era and…

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