The Joint Annual Conference of the Swiss Society of Pneumology 2018 took place in St Gallen, 24 – 25 May. The conference was organised by the Swiss Society of Pneumology SGP, but not alone. This year, the SGP has cooperated with numerous societies, to make the event as exciting as possible for the congress participants. The following societies have participated in the joint annual conference: European Respiratory Society, Swiss Society of Paediatric Pneumology, Swiss Society of Occupational Medicine, Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery, Swiss Society of Pulmonary Hypertension, Swiss Society of Prevention and Public Health.


We have been working with SGP for over two decades. Due to the many collaborations, the conference attracted a particularly large number of participants this year. For the first time, a special cooperation with the European Respiratory Society (ERS) was entered. For example, a HERMES preparatory course by ERS for the written specialist exam was offered. In total, eight workshops, three learning centres and two MPA courses were organised. Our task was to coordinate the wishes and needs of the various societies and to create a joint conference with a suitable scientific program.


We took a lot of time to listen to the needs of our client, as well as to the demands of the partner societies. The entire team was committed and motivated right from the start. In order to make the advanced scientific program easily accessible to the participants, a new society app was published, shortly before the conference started. The App can also be used to get more information about the conference or to access the scientific program.


City: St. Gallen
Country: Switzerland
Branch: Associations

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