Congrex Olympic Games 2024


At Congrex Switzerland, we believe in the power of team spirit and the importance of a positive workplace culture. Every year, we select a unique theme to inspire our team activities, fostering a sense of community and engagement among our employees. This year, inspired by the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, our theme is the “Congrex Olympic Games”.

The Congrex Pentathlon: A Great Start

Embracing this exciting theme, our team has organised a variety of activities throughout the year to bring everyone closer together and celebrate our collective achievements. The Congrex Pentathlon, a series of fun and challenging competitions, was one such event that kicked off our Olympic journey. Employees from different departments formed teams and competed in various disciplines, showcasing not just their skills but also their camaraderie and collaborative spirit.

More Than Just Competitions

But the Pentathlon is just one of many events planned under our Olympic theme. Recently, we held a board and card game night, where team members enjoyed a relaxed evening of strategy and fun. This event highlighted that, whether through physical challenges or mental games, the spirit of friendly competition and teamwork is always at the heart of Congrex.

The Symbolic Olympic Torch

Another unique aspect of our Olympic-themed activities is the symbolic journey of our Olympic torch. This torch is being passed from congress to congress, representing our commitment to excellence and unity across all our projects and events. It’s a powerful symbol of how we carry the flame of teamwork and dedication wherever we go. Watch out for the video at the end of the year where you can see the journey of the torch across various congresses!

Strengthening Our Employer Brand

These activities are more than just fun events—they are a crucial part of our approach to creating a supportive and dynamic workplace. At Congrex, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where our employees feel valued and appreciated. Our team-building initiatives strengthen our internal bonds and reflect our commitment to our core values, making Congrex an inspiring workplace.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we have more exciting activities planned, all under the Olympic theme. While we can’t reveal everything just yet, you can expect more events that will bring our team together in new and innovative ways. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to celebrate our journey towards the Congrex Olympic Games 2024.

A Family at Work

At Congrex, we are not just colleagues—we are a family. Our commitment to team spirit and our values shines through in everything we do, making Congrex a genuinely exceptional place to work.

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