White Paper 15: How To Create A Purpose For Your Association

Are you curious how a clear sense of purpose can benefit any organisation, including congresses and events? Look no further! Purpose is more than just a statement – it defines why a company or organisation exists beyond just making a profit. Providing employees with a sense of higher purpose can help to build a strong company culture and focus on strategy. Additionally, a well-defined purpose demonstrates how a product or service can positively impact clients and customers.

Our new white paper dives into the topic of purpose and serves as a guide for understanding and developing one for your organisation. Examples from companies like Apple and Congrex Switzerland provide real-world context, while the Golden Circle Model1 steps down the process of identifying and defining a company’s purpose.

Whether you’re a CEO, manager, or event planner, a clear purpose can provide internal and external benefits to your organisation. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource!

Congrex Switzerland

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