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Online events facilitate conference attendance besides travel restrictions and help deliver vanguard information. Moreover, a virtual summit is perfectly compatible with event marketing, digital marketing and sponsorship strategies while allowing planners to be ready for any pandemic eventuality. Similarly, well planned virtual conferences can boost attendance, increase the event experience and reach a wider audience than traditional live events.

References in Digital Environments


Intercare Online Meeting 2021


EACL 2021


Functional Precision Medicine in Blood Cancer Symposium 2021


MS-Infotag 2021

One AO 2021


Krebs-Infotag 2021


Digital Liver Cancer Summit 2021


SSH Review of the ASH Meeting 2020

AO Davous Courses 2020

AO Davos Courses 2020

GSASA 2020

GSASA 2020

SOHC 2020

SOHC 2020

EADV 2020

EADV Virtual Exhibition 2020

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What to consider when organising a medical conference

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Successful Conference Management For The 21st Century

Successful Conference Management For The 21st Century

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