Dance into 2024: Congrex Switzerland Celebrates a Year of Success!

von | Dez 18, 2023 | Pressemitteilungen & Congrex News

Dear Friends,

As the year comes to a close, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for helping us have such a positive and fulfilling year.

As you ease into a well-deserved break, we invite you to kick off the festivities by taking a look at our special end-of-year film. We have created a unique dance video as a creative way to celebrate the successes and milestones of 2023. We hope you’ll enjoy the movie, and who knows, you might even learn one or two new dance moves?

Our video is a testament to the unity and enthusiasm we share as a team, emphasising the joy we find in our work. We aim to show our clients how they can experience this sense of team spirit and enthusiasm in every interaction, every day.

May the upcoming year be filled with joy and accomplishment. We are excited to reach for the sky together with you and support you in your ongoing success story.

Best wishes,

Julia Bicher


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