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At Congrex, our experience with leading associations across Europe has equipped us to empower associations to operate, thrive, and expand through our comprehensive management services. Discover how AMCs provide critical support to non-profit organisations in our detailed blog: How an AMC Can Support to Manage a Non-Profit Organisation

Our Role as Your Association Management Partner

AMCs like Congrex can engage in two capacities: as a full-service provider overseeing all the association’s needs or as an outsourced solution for specific services beyond the association’s internal capabilities.

Association management companies blend administrative management services and membership management services, covering essential areas such as:

  • Conference and event planning: We leverage our expertise in organising impactful events ensuring your conferences are memorable and achieve their intended objectives. For insights into recognising when it is time to bring in a professional conference organiser, explore our blog, Nine Signs You Need A Professional Conference Organiser For Your Next Event.
  • Benchmarking and progress monitoring
  • Organising Executive Committee and other key meetings
  • Liaising with legal advisors, chambers of commerce, and tax authorities on NPO status and tax exemption
  • Member acquisition and retention strategies
  • Handling member enquiries
  • Providing financial strategy advice and support

Explore the pivotal role of administrative management in strengthening associations further through our insightful blog post, The importance of administrative management in associations. The comprehensive article delves into effective strategies and practices that enhance organisational efficiency and member satisfaction.

Other foundational AMC services include:

  • Managing the association’s website and social media presence
  • Marketing and promotional efforts
  • Financial management and invoicing
  • Overseeing accreditation processes
  • Assisting in the development of guidelines

The Value of Partnering with an AMC: A Testimonial

“I find in Congrex Switzerland a reliable partner for all aspects related to the management of our association.”

Professor Xavier Montalban,
President 2014-2016,
European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis ECTRIMS

Hiring an association management company, like Congrex, can often be a cost and time-efficient way to access the expertise you lack in-house to manage and grow your association.

Benefits of Engaging an AMC

Partnering with an AMC like Congrex offers a cost-effective and efficient pathway to the expertise required to manage and expand your association. Key benefits, as reported by our clients, include:

  • Support from seasoned association professionals
  • Access to specialised teams for niche skills
  • Scalability through shared resources such as space, employees, and connections
  • Strategy informed by successes in other associations
  • Enhanced productivity and operational efficiency
  • Freedom for association employees to concentrate on strategic priorities
  • A more achievable path to goals and objectives
  • Improved member acquisition and retention
  • Superior financial performance
  • Confident crisis management and communication

Who should work with an association management company?

Associations increasingly turn to management companies for their expertise in administrative management strategies critical to long-term success.

Your association might particularly benefit from an AMC if you are:

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In an era marked by constant change, achieving association objectives while maintaining a long-term vision requires a multifaceted approach that addresses human, financial, and legal aspects and societal shifts.

The association management team at Congrex Switzerland specialises in providing comprehensive guidance to build a robust, forward-looking organisation. Contact us to explore how we can support your association’s journey.

Congrex Switzerland is an internationally operating agency delivering customised solutions. This encompasses the overall organisation of conferences and meetings, including the management of hotel rooms and strategic consultancy. Annually, Congrex Switzerland organises approximately 45 events with over 73’000 delegates. Our clients include international associations, governmental organisations, and corporations.

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