What Is An Association Management Company (AMC)?

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An association management company (AMC) is a company that provides management and specialised administrative support to professional associations that enables them to grow and prosper.

Having worked with some of the most significant associations in Europe, we are equipped to help associations operate, thrive, and grow through comprehensive management services.

What does an association management company do?

AMCs such as Congrex can work in one of two ways: as a full-service provider handling everything the association needs or as an outsourced provider of individual services that the association cannot take internally.

Association management companies provide a combination of administrative management services and membership management services, including:

  • Conference & event planning
  • Benchmarking & progress monitoring
  • Organising Executive Committee and other meetings
  • Communication with lawyers, chambers of commerce and tax authorities regarding NPO status and tax exemption
  • Member acquisition and retention campaigns
  • Member enquiries
  • Financial strategy advice and support

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Other basic services are:

  • Management of the association’s website and social media accounts
  • Marketing and promotional services
  • Financial management and invoicing
  • The handling and organization of the accreditation processes
  • Support in the development of guidelines

Benefits of an AMC

“I find in Congrex Switzerland a reliable partner for all aspects related to the management of our association.”

Professor Xavier Montalban,
President 2014-2016,
European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis ECTRIMS

Hiring an association management company, like Congrex, can often be a cost and time-efficient way to access the expertise you lack in-house to manage and grow your association.

Some of the most common benefits reported by our clients include:

  • Being supported by experienced association experts
  • Accessing dedicated specialists and teams for niche skills is more successful than using a generalist employee in-house
  • Easier to scale through shared resources (space, employees, connections, etc.)
  • Successes from other associations can inform strategy for your association
  • Improved productivity and operational efficiency
  • Association employees can focus on priorities while AMC handles daily operations
  • More likely to achieve goals and objectives
  • Increased member acquisition and retention
  • Better financial performance
  • Confident crisis management and communication

Who should work with an association management company?

Associations are turning to management companies more regularly for their expertise in administrative management strategies that are critical to long-term success.

Association leaders would likely benefit from an association management company if they:

  • Need to manage upcoming change
  • Are facing declining membership
  • Want to maintain a robust financial position
  • Are looking for ways to implement innovation
  • Require intelligent and data-driven direction

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Associations today face a world of constant change where it is increasingly difficult to achieve their objectives while maintaining a long-term vision. Succeeding as an association requires a multi-faceted approach that considers human, financial, and legal concerns and the changing nature of society.

The association management team at Congrex Switzerland specialises in providing comprehensive guidance that helps build a strong and future-focused organisation. Get in touch about your association.

Congrex Switzerland is an internationally operating agency delivering customised solutions. This encompasses the overall organisation of conferences and meetings, including the management of hotel rooms and strategic consultancy. Annually Congrex Switzerland organises approximately 45 events with over 73’000 delegates. Amongst our clients are international associations, governmental organisations, and corporations.

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