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Conferences provide a space for dialogue, enlightenment, inspirational learning, and networking. These events present associations with a unique opportunity to build up an enviable reputation and to establish themselves as visionary leaders in their niche. At the same time, conferences pose logistical challenges and are time-consuming projects that require the coordination of multiple departments, suppliers, staff and volunteers. However, not every association has or knows how to best use the systems, experience, and resources needed to turn their conference into a successful event that brings the desired outcome.

This is where Congrex Switzerland can assist. As a professional conference organiser and a member of the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers, we possess the know-how and human capital needed to design, plan, manage, and coordinate every aspect of your conference from beginning to end, ensuring that no detail is left to chance.

We have a dedicated PCO division made up of professionally trained teams who specialise in conference management and in delivering outstanding results and customer care. Our conference management teams have in-depth knowledge of the methods and tools needed for your event to run smoothly and create a positive impression among attendees, irrespective of your target audience.

Our consulting expertise was built over a period of more than three decades, so you can enlist our services with total confidence and peace of mind knowing that your conference will be in the hands of professionals. To help broaden the scope and reach of your conference, we offer the following Core PCO services, which are available both on a standalone basis and as a full-service package:

Specialised Conference and Meeting Planning Services

Project Management Services

Offering full project management services including areas like financial planning, marketing, press management, and more.

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Networking Events Planning Services

Designing networking events that bring attendees together before, during, and after the conference.

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Travel Consultant Services

Providing transfers, VIP services, and anticipating the needs of delegates who attend a conference in a city they are not familiar with.

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Hotel Accommodation Services

Helping you select the most suitable accommodation for conference attendees.

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Meeting Planning Services

Implementing strategic meeting planning methods that save time and resources.

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Registration Services

Providing the human and technical support needed to ensure event registration is a hassle-free experience.

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Exhibition and Sponsorship Planning Services

Delivering bespoke consulting services to help your organisation plan exhibitions and increase sponsorship revenue.

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Abstract Management Services

Offering professional abstract and paper management solutions using cutting-edge technology.

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