meet our team: Timothy Picton


Meet Timothy: A young person embarking on a transformative journey at Congrex.

The Swiss education system is notable for its exceptional quality and remarkable diversity. It embraces a dual training concept that seamlessly integrates theoretical instruction with practical experience. This approach empowers students to cultivate a wide range of skills essential for their future profession.

Congrex Switzerland is committed to promoting and training talented young people. We offer apprenticeship positions and collaborate closely with vocational schools to provide young people with a solid foundation they can build a career on.

In keeping with our commitment to fostering new talent, we present an update: our second interaction with Timothy Picton. He’s an ambitious young apprentice at Congrex whose journey continues to inspire. Explore more in this follow-up interview (for the initial discussion, click here).

 What motivated you to pursue an apprenticeship at a PCO (Professional Congress Organiser)?

I pursued an apprenticeship at a PCO because I wanted to get some practical experience in event management and learn from professionals in the field.

What tasks and responsibilities did you have during your apprenticeship at Congrex?

During my apprenticeship at Congrex, my tasks and responsibilities included assisting in event planning and logistics, coordinating with vendors and suppliers, managing attendee registration, and providing on-site support during conferences and congresses.

Can you share an example of a project or task that allowed you to demonstrate your skills and growth during your apprenticeship at the company?

During my apprenticeship, I participated in organising several congresses, assisting with attendee registration, speaker management, programme setup and various other tasks. As I gained experience and developed my skills, I was able to take on more responsibilities. I became increasingly adept at helping to ensure things went smoothly and generally contributing to the success of these events.

Tell us about the most exciting, fun or challenging work experience you’ve had during your time at Congrex.

In my opinion, being on-site at one of our congresses and interacting with attendees in person is always very exciting. You get the opportunity to meet so many people and see the culmination of so much work: a well-organised congress.

How did your company provide mentorship or guidance to support your development as a young talent?

Congrex provided mentorship and guidance through regular check-ins with my supervisor, who offered feedback and advice on my performance.

What are your personal goals for your future career at Congrex? How do you plan to further develop and expand your skills in this field?

After completing my apprenticeship at Congrex, I will start as a Junior Accommodation Coordinator in the Accommodation Department. I am very excited about this new chapter in my life and the opportunity to use what I’ve learned so far and continue my development.


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