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At Congrex, we prioritise the well-being and support of our employees, especially those who are starting or expanding their families. Today, we delve into the maternity and paternity leave policies at Congrex, shedding light on the company’s commitment to fostering a supportive work environment for parents. Our maternity leave policy provides eligible employees with fourteen weeks of paid leave, allowing new mothers the time they need to bond with their newborns and adjust to the demands of parenthood. Additionally, our paternity leave policy offers two weeks of paid leave for fathers to support their partners and actively participate in the early stages of their child’s life. We are proud to share that eighteen of our seventy-one employees are parents, constituting approximately 25% of our workforce. This statistic underscores our recognition of the importance of work-life balance and our dedication to supporting employees as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood. Please look at the interviews where we will explore the experiences of our employees who have utilised these parental leave policies and their perspectives on the overall family-friendly atmosphere at Congrex. Join us as we delve into how Congrex strives to be an employer of choice for working parents.

Interview Alise

1. Please introduce yourself: Name, position at Congrex and how many kids you have.
My name is Alise Christoffel. I have a 3-year-old daughter and work as a Meeting Planning Coordinator at Congrex.

2. How did you find the process of applying for and navigating through the maternity leave at Congrex?
The application process was quite simple, and my line manager supported me well during it. After initial talks with her, the necessary steps quickly became apparent, so I could quickly get an overview of the required documents in cooperation with the HR office. If anything was unclear or I had questions, I could turn to both at any time.

3. Did Congrex offer additional support or resources to help you prepare for your maternity leave?
The HR employee at Congrex provided me with all the necessary documents and resources in advance, so I was fully informed and prepared for my maternity leave. Not only did she provide me with the required documentation, but she also took the time to provide personalised advice and support tailored to my individual needs. Knowing that I could turn to her anytime if I needed clarity or support gave me a sense of security and confidence during this critical time. The support and resources Congrex provided made preparing for maternity leave smooth and stress-free, allowing me to focus on welcoming this new chapter in my life with peace of mind.

4. How did Congrex facilitate your transition back to work after the maternity leave period?
Firstly, I was able to extend my maternity leave with unpaid leave. Secondly, Congrex was very flexible and understanding when extending this time further. My return to work was made more accessible because I could start with a few hours, and then we increased them after two months. This made it possible for me to return to work smoothly.

5. Can you share any experiences where Congrex demonstrated understanding and support for your responsibilities as a parent?
Thanks to the flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home, I can combine my paid work and parenting work well as a single mother, even if it is not always easy. Congrex shows excellent understanding of my situation, so it is no problem that my daughter and her grandparents will accompany me to a congress in September. I am very grateful for that!

Interview Stefan

1. Please introduce yourself: Name, position at Congrex and how many kids you have.
My name is Stefan Gildenberg, and I have been working as a Sponsorship Coordinator at Congrex since February 2023. My son is now five years old.

2. In what ways does Congrex encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees with family commitments?
Congrex offers flexible working hours throughout the year, allowing employees to balance their professional and personal lives more effectively. It’s not a typical 9 to 5 job, enabling staff to attend to family and child matters even during the day. Additionally, the option to work from home further supports this flexibility.

3. Can you share any experiences where Congrex demonstrated understanding and support for your responsibilities as a parent?
I never felt that I needed to back up when trying to fit in an important family matter with work. My colleagues, and more importantly, the Team leaders and management always showed understanding, finding the best solution so that I could spend the time needed with my family.

4. Have you found the option to work remotely or have flexible hours beneficial in balancing your work and family life? If yes, how/why?
As a parent, you always try to plan as well as possible, but of course, there are situations at home that are not foreseeable. Sometimes, there are current needs at a specific moment. Working from home and with flexible hours makes it possible to be there when needed.

5. How does Congrex ensure working parents feel valued and integrated into the company culture?
I am not sure if there is any specific yet for parents or families as most of the employees are not parents, but I enjoy talking to colleagues from the management team and with our CEO, Julia Bicher, about our children and exchanging the challenges of being a parent with our sometimes stressful job. It gives me the confidence to maintain a good work-family balance.


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