Association Consulting

Associations today face a complex environment where it is increasingly hard to successfully manage change and achieve objectives without losing their long-term perspective. In this climate, succeeding as an association requires a multi-faceted and granular approach that takes into account human, financial, and legal aspects and the changing nature of society.

The association consulting team at Congrex Switzerland specialises in providing the type of comprehensive assistance that builds strong and forward-looking associations. We are equipped to help your association grow into a fully compliant and relevant organisation, enhancing the association's ability to bring about positive change and reach its goals. Our objective: to take your association where you want it to be.

Our expert consultants provide the support and strategy to reach your association goals in two key areas:

Strategic Support for Associations

Administrative Management Services

Offering customised solutions across strategic areas like management, leadership, communications, and operations.

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Membership Management Services

Crafting effective strategies to deliver an enhanced membership experience and support long-term membership growth.

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