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conference attendance

Keeping attendance levels at your event – 6 key steps to successfully market your event

Many associations and corporate companies are faced with the difficulty of keeping conference attendance figures up. Developing a clear marketing…

Healthcare Compliance in Medical Education: It's all about perception?

Healthcare Compliance in Medical Education: It’s all about perception

This week’s blog post comes from our team members Judith Bärfuss (Meeting Planning Manager) and Carolin Steiner (Industry Relations Manager) who…

Building Relationships Online with Social Media

Building Relationships Online With Social Media Marketing

What´s the issue with building relationships online? Thеѕе days а lot оf uѕ аrе online, wе socialise, purchase, run businesses…

Meeting Planners IAPCO PCO

9 reasons why smart Planners choose an IAPCO member PCO

Why should planners choose an IAPCO member PCO? Imagine the case: you are a planner facing the task of organising…

digital strategy planning for associations - messaging

How to Focus Effective Digital Marketing for Associations – Part II: Messaging

In our second part of the Digital Marketing for Associations series we talk about messaging. The world and thus messaging…

Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

The Importance of Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

Income from Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship is very important. You need to look for someone who can help you raise…

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