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Conference accommodation, from hotel contracts to travel arrangements and more. Our in-house hotel and travel department has plenty of valuable know-how to share. Please find below our curated content for the topic of conference accommodation.

The Role of the Professional Conference Organiser (Core PCO)
How to: International Conference Planning
Conference Accommodation: The Secrets of International Hotel Contracts
Meeting Management: How to Organise a Conference with Roles Defined
From Conference Budget Planning to Cash-Flow Management: The many Tasks of the PCO
Sourcing Your Conference Space: Turnkey Strategies to Meet Your Demanding Needs
5 Tips How To Organise Conference Accommodation Across the Globe
Room Block Poachers: What You Need to Know!
New big wins and renewals for Congrex Switzerland

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Hotel Accommodation Services

Helping you select the most suitable accommodation for conference attendees.
Destination Management

Destination Management Services

Providing transfers, VIP services, and anticipating the needs of delegates who attend a conference in a city they are not familiar with.
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Project Management Services

Offering full project management services including areas like financial planning, marketing, press management, and more.
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