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Acquiring and maintaining members is at the top of the priority list for any association. From obtaining of new members to sustained commitment of long-time members, we love helping associations with the entire member journey. Please find below our curated content for the topic of association membership.

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What Is An Association Management Company (AMC)?

What Is An Association Management Company (AMC)?

An association management company (AMC) is a company that provides management and specialised administrative support to professional associations that enables…

How Unconscious Bias Can Impact Inclusivity In An Association

How Unconscious Bias Can Impact Inclusivity In An Association

Inclusivity is vital in any organisation. But particularly in medical associations where professionals of all experience levels, genders, and ethnic…

Association management What Is The Job Of A Modern Association?

What Is The Job Of A Modern Association?

And how does association management adapt? As the European Commission says, associations exist to “promote the trade or professional interests…

Administrative management strategies to help your association succeed.edited

Administrative Management Strategies To Help Your Association Succeed

Administrative management can help your association succeed by providing the support you need to achieve your goals, grow your memberships,…

What Do Association Members Want?

What Do Association Members Want?

According to the 2021 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, word of mouth remains the top channel for association member acquisition. Therefore,…

Social Media membership association

Six Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Membership In Associations

Growing membership is a crucial focus for many associations after the decline seen over the last few years. One of…

declining membership in professional organisations

How To Combat Declining Membership In Professional Associations

Declining membership is a problem facing many professional associations, with 68% of organisations struggling to grow their membership since 2020.…

Community Building_Transforming Association Membership

Community Building: Transforming Association Membership

Community building has become ever more important after in-person events were limited or restricted altogether in 2020. However, the need…

Sustainability Projects

Sustainability Projects

At Congrex, one of our most important core values is: We Care. Sustainability is an ongoing, relevant and important concern…

What is Meeting Architecture?

What Is Meeting Architecture?

Meeting architecture is a coordinated value-creation process that furthers the goals of every meeting owner. Working in close collaboration with…

Private Online Community post image with two hands holding a digitalised world

Your Private Online Community: The Future Of Associations By Owning The Communication

Professional needs have changed, and especially over the past year. Information remains important, but meaningful community building is becoming a…

crisis communication blog image: a read classic telephone

Crisis Communication Beyond Lockdown: Future Outlook

Times of crisis test how well community managers know their communities. This blog explains how crisis communication provides a vital…

association membership development article image

Steps For Association Membership Development and Retention

Member retention is the cornerstone of every medical association since it takes more effort to attract a new member. Therefore,…

retain association members

7 Ways to Retain Association Members

The success of an association depends on the satisfaction of its members. While growing your membership is crucial, it is…

conference planning

The Key Factors for Planning A Conference Successfully

If you have been tasked with conference planning for your association, we understand that you may be rather dubious about…

Association Consulting: 5 Tips Your Members Will Love

Association Consulting: 5 Tips Your Members Will Love

Finding new members for your association can be a very challenging task, especially if your association is of a smaller…

Association Membership_ Key Guidelines To Attract And Retain Members

Association Membership: Key Guidelines To Attract And Retain Members

A solid and engaged membership base is essential to every association, but attracting and retaining members continues to be one…

leadership associations

Defining Leadership for Modern Associations

Why is it important to define leadership for modern associations? In today’s society, associations play an essential role as they…

GDPR Congrex Switzerland

GDPR – Congrex Switzerland is ready, are you?

On May 25, 2018 – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will become fully enforceable throughout the European Union – at…

Membership Frameworks

Membership Frameworks For Today’s Associations

Members are the mainstay of associations, yet the concept of membership is subject to a constant evolution that mirrors the…

Four Ways Of Increasing the Success Of Conference Sponsorship

Challenges and Opportunities for 21st Century Associations

Member Engagement Associations

Creating And Maintaining Member Engagement In Associations

Member engagement is the cornerstone of all associations. When it comes to maintaining and expanding their member association base, membership…

Global Strategies for Associations

Global Strategies for Associations

Global Strategies for Associations: Professional associations play a crucial role in the economic development of their respective communities, and as…

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