Meeting Planning Services

For many years, at Congrex Switzerland we have been setting up centrally coordinated systems that save time and resources while ensuring our clients’ meetings are successful and exceed the expectations of all attendees.

Meeting planning is a multi-faceted skill that requires a strategic approach and in-depth knowledge of the most efficient tools needed in every situation. We know that coordinating all aspects of a meeting can be daunting, but making this happen is one of our areas of expertise. Our meeting planners are highly skilled at applying the standards defined in the international project management life cycle in order to manage meetings that go according to plan.

Our guiding principles are collaboration, communication, and personalisation. We work to guarantee smooth collaboration between organisers, meeting venue staff, and suppliers in order to deliver a memorable experience that makes a positive impression on all participants. And after years working in this field, our meeting planners have a vast network of contacts in the meeting industry coupled with a genuine passion for creating and delivering outstanding experiences.

We also take time to understand your needs and what you want to achieve with your meeting, and plan the event for you and with you, ensuring constant communication and keeping you updated throughout.

Our comprehensive range of specialised meeting planning services can be fully personalised, whether you are an association, a not-for-profit, a corporate client, or a government institution, and irrespective of audience size. We offer custom-made solutions using tried-and-tested methods that offer value at an individual level and put the spotlight on your organisational message.

If you want to create a memorable event, achieve widespread recognition, and build a positive brand image during your meeting, the following services may be of interest to you:

Specialised Meeting Planning Services

Venue Sourcing and Request for Proposal (RFP) Procedures

Compiling suitable venues selection, verifying availability, request bookings, and negotiate the details of the venue hire contract.

Site Inspections

Carrying out detailed in-person venue inspections to ensure the site meets our client’s requirements.

Catering Services

Selecting an adequate catering supplier and coordinating the delivery of food and beverages throughout the event.

Staging Production, AV & IT Solutions

Ensuring modern, secure, and engaging audiovisual and digital solutions, and creating bespoke stage sets.

Professional Staffing

Planning staffing needs and selecting the most suitable professionals for every aspect of your event.

Event Security

Selecting and overseeing the most suitable risk-management and security methods to ensure the meeting is smooth.

Congress Logistics Management

Expertly coordinating the delivery of resources to enhance the audience’s experience.

Supplier Management

Liaising with suppliers and contractors to ensure goods and services are delivered on time.

Creation Of Websites, Social Media Strategies and Mobile Applications

Providing digital support to meetings and events to increase exposure and connect with attendees.

In Brief

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