Consulting for Hotels and Architects

The planning phase of a building project is of essential importance to succeed in the later realisation stage. Throughout this crucial step, Congrex Switzerland supports hotels, event venues and convention centres with customised solutions. During a kick-off meeting with the principal, the architect and the project development team, the initial ideas, expectations and goals of the client are identified, and the first steps are determined.

During the last four decades, Congrex Switzerland has organised a vast number of conferences and events and could collect a tremendous amount of experience. This knowledge can mainly be of vital importance for the concretisation of the planning and the profitability calculation of a project.

Expert Advice for Construction Projects related to Meeting, Event and Exhibition Spaces

Market Analysis

A thorough market analysis enables the project team to know which markets to enter, how large the market volumes are, and they get an idea of the customer needs and the market potential. Besides, the paper will address the competitive intensity in depth.


Usually, event venues need to achieve a profit at the end of the day, or they at least need to reach cost neutrality. Congrex Switzerland can support the principal in assessing the financial success and in delivering key figures to compile a return-on-investment (ROI) or a Return-on-Objective (ROO) calculation.

Space planning

How high should the ceilings be, what kind of evacuation routes need consideration, where to position the catering and what about the exhibition? A space planning will answer all such questions, and the work will contain suggestions on the technical installations as well as on the flexibility of conference rooms.

User concept and trends

Convention centres and conference hotels act in a highly competitive market. The expectations of customers towards meeting rooms and their equipment are utterly dependent on external influences. Congrex Switzerland can filter those potential impacts and present the client what is relevant, what is indispensable and what might even give him a competitive advantage.

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