Conference and Meeting Planning Government Agencies

Events in the public sector have precise demands whether they involve education, culture, community events, or internal meetings. Despite their unique requirements, public sector events still need to be planned and managed with an exceptional eye for detail and taking into account fixed budgets.

Congrex Switzerland understands the distinct requirements of public sector institutions and has put together a team of expert planners who can deliver world-class conference and meeting planning services to government institutions. Our range of event solutions for governmental bodies is delivered with a primary focus on ensuring compliance and on optimising the investment made concerning both human and financial capital.

Working in close consultation with your appointed staff, our conference and meeting planning specialists will examine your vital competitive resources and assets, planning and be coordinating your event and making sure resources are adequately managed as per your particular requirements.

Our overall objective is to provide conference and meeting planning services characterised by strategic planning and by the harmonious integration of established procedures and operations for a more efficient use of resources. We can also provide the tools needed to facilitate accurate reporting once the event is over and generate insights that can be used to consolidate the organisation of future events further.

Conference and Meeting Planning Services for Government Agencies

Project Management Services

Offering full project management services including areas like financial planning, marketing, press management, and more.

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Networking Events Planning Services

Designing networking events that bring attendees together before, during, and after the conference.

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Travel Consultant Services

Providing transfers, VIP services, and anticipating the needs of delegates who attend a conference in a city they are not familiar with.

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Hotel Accommodation Services

Helping you select the most suitable accommodation for conference attendees.

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Meeting Planning Services

Implementing strategic meeting planning methods that save time and resources.

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Registration Services

Providing the human and technical support needed to ensure event registration is a hassle-free experience.

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