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GSASA 2020

GSASA General Assembly was held online between 25 and 27 November 2020.

This is an annual event organised since 2003 by the GSASA, the Swiss Association of Public Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacists, which is headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. The association’s origins date back to 1948, and its mission statement highlights its commitment to upholding quality standards, promoting safe professional practice, and enhancing specialist knowledge by facilitating research and collaboration between healthcare practitioners, employers, and governmental bodies.

The event was framed within the association’s 2020-2022 goals, which tackle important aspects of public health and pharmaceutical practice, such as patient safety, drug manufacturing, e-health, and clinical pharmacy.
The programme was varied and included webinars, workshops, plenary sessions, and round tables delivered by prominent speakers, including members of the European Medicine Agency, academics from the top universities in Switzerland, and clinical pharmacists from other European countries.

Registration numbers reached 850, and participants also had the opportunity to attend the GSASA virtual exhibition and to learn about the latest developments in their sector from the hand of 47 exhibitors.

Congrex worked side by side with GSASA to plan and deliver both the congress and the virtual exhibition, which had the support of more than 50 sponsors.


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GSASA – Swiss Association of Public Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacists

GSASA - Swiss Association of Public Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacists

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