This year, the biennial Congress of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) took place in Basel, Switzerland, 25 – 28 September 2018. After a very successful conference in 2016, the goals for 2018 have been set high.


In 2016, the ESRS Congress took place in Bologna – Bella Italia with good food, a lot of sun and affordable prices. Of course, there were many participants. For this year, the society has decided to hold the congress in Basel. Since Basel is a much more expensive city, the question has appeared: How can we attract potential participants?


We are very proud to announce that we reached almost the same number of delegates as we had in Bologna. This is no surprise, due to the following reasons:
We, official PCO of ESRS, are located in Basel. It is a matter of course to know the city by heart and to arrange social events in stunning locations, only known by insiders. Having long-term and trustful relationships with local suppliers and hotels, we were able to guarantee the best, reasonable prices.
Furthermore, Basel is a beautiful city, Switzerland a diverse country and accessible from all over the world. The EuroAirport Basel is just 20 minutes away and Zurich Airport – an international hub – is well connected by train.
The congress centre is modern, bright and has a perfect size (all posters within one area, all lecture halls close to each other, no long walking distances).
Switzerland is not just famous for its traditions but also for being on time, well organised and structured. According to this characterisation, the whole congress run smoothly, without any problems and on schedule.

The final result? Over 1’800 happy participants.


Client: ESRS

City: Basel
Country: Switzerland
Branch: Associations

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