This year, for the first time, we supported the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in the registration of participants. Their international congress took place in Paris, France from 15 – 19 September 2018 and fascinated more than 20’000 participants.



Participant satisfaction is key for a big international congress such as the ERS. Participants often travel around the globe in order to attend a congress, arrive jetlagged in a city they do not know, in a country they do not speak the language of. They have packed days ahead with lots of new learning input from various sessions, presentations to hold, and countless networking opportunities where to meet new people working in the same field. Our goal and challenge at the same time is to provide a good welcome to participants and to make them feel comfortable at the congress.


Hospitality, short waiting times at the registration counters and multilingualism of our staff helped to welcome 22,500 leading experts in the field of lung health from all over the world and give them a memorable experience. Paris, the city of lights and love, surely helped too!

Various self-print stations allowed a quick and easy check-in and badge print, online new registration counters helped participants who only decided to arrive and registered last minute and staffed counters supported delegates with all sorts of questions. Regular staff trainings with topics like nonverbal communication, how to deal with difficult persons and situations or also language courses helped our staff to address individually, personally friendly and with a big smile to participants.


Client: ERS

City: Paris
Country: France
Branch: Associations

We delivered the following Services:

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