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EHA Virtual Exhibition 2020

EHA25 virtual was a 10-day program from June 11-21, 2020.

In 2020, the EHA Annual Congress took place between 11 and 14 June. The congress was organised by the European Hematology Association, which has been behind its organisation since 1994. The Association’s mission is to promote excellence in the medical specialty of hematology through education, research, advocacy, and the continuous development of patient care standards.

The 25th edition of this event was the first to be fully delivered online, and Congrex had a key role assisting the European Hematology Association move forward with this new event format.

Registration numbers reached a record-high figure of nearly 27,000 (compared to average attendance numbers in previous years of around 12,000), which bears witness to the success of this virtual event. Participants came from 129 countries spread over six continents, which confirms that the congress reached a truly global audience.

The event sparked notable interest among researchers, as proven by the nearly 2,500 abstract submissions received by the organiser. The programme featured a mix of live and on-demand content, including presentations, plenary sessions, educational lectures, award ceremonies, and Q&A sessions. The event’s topics were delivered by 465 speakers and mainly revolved around leukemia, lymphoma, coagulation disorders, immunology, and autoimmune hemolytic disorders.

As part of the event, Congrex assisted the European Hematology Association in the organisation of a virtual exhibition, which was attended by 42 exhibitors and more than 10,700 unique visitors. The entire event reached excellent online engagement levels with nearly 26 million impressions and more than 6,700 Twitter mentions. 

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EHA TeamEHA Team
EHA Testimonial

“We had to implement a virtual exhibition in very a short time due to COVID-19 situation and the Congrex team was enthusiastic and supportive from the beginning to the end. The Congrex IT team handled the project in a clear manner and the support team was efficient, responsive, and flexible. Thank you again for your great work and collaboration.”

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EHA – European Hematology Association

The European Hematology Association (EHA) is the largest European-based organisation connecting hematologists worldwide to support career development and research, harmonize hematology education, and advocate for hematologists and hematology.

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