It is always particularly exciting to call a new congress to life, so happened in Berlin, May 4 -5. After a lengthy planning period, the first international conference of the German Society of Nursing Science took place in the Abba hotel. The congress represented a milestone for the specialists and professionals of German nursing science. As a platform for the presentation of international scientific findings and trends, but also as a forum for exchange.


Since the congress was held for the very first time, it was extremely difficult to estimate the number of participants. Initially 30 abstracts and 80 attendees were expected. These figures were greatly exceeded: in the end, 150 abstracts were submitted and 200 persons participated. Furthermore, limited spatial capacity posed a challenge, when an unscheduled two-day poster exhibition had to be placed.


Our team was asked for spontaneity, flexibility and fast reactions. The plans for the scientific program and the venue had to be adjusted again and again. The venue offered three modular rooms, which were constantly in motion, merged and separated once more, to cope with the increased number of participants. In order to handle the high number of abstracts more efficiently, they have not only been published the conventional way, but also digitally.

Have a look at the video for some beautiful impressions from the conference.

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