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Fully Managed Events for Government Agencies

Government institutions play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of key social aspects, such as education, healthcare, and public policy. It is precisely due to their critical importance that events organised for and by the public sector must be outstanding examples of good planning, budgeting, and management skills.

Public sector institutions often have designated staff and/or departments who are responsible for coordinating events, but there are distinct advantages involved in outsourcing event management services. In the first place, leaving all your event management tasks in the hands of professionals alleviates the pressure put on internal teams and can be less time and resource-intensive. Secondly, public sector clients can benefit from the considerable hands-on experience and specialised skills of certified professional organisers, who can conduct all aspects of event planning with razor-sharp focus. Last but not least, entrusting the overall organisation of your event to expert professionals ensures your institution will have access to a wealth of state-of-the-art technical and human resources, all of which are managed using an efficient and integrated approach.

Congrex Switzerland is committed to helping your institution improve public sector efficiency in meetings, conferences, and other events while adhering to the allocated budget. Our team has substantial experience working with governmental institution clients and providing all-around support that enables competent event planning and meticulous adherence to guidelines and protocol.

Conference And Meeting Planning Services For Public Sector Institutions


Congrex Switzerland is a long-standing professional conference organiser that offers a dedicated range of services for public sector institutions. As an accomplished conference and meeting organiser, we deliver value and sector-specific expertise to local authorities and other governmental institution clients.

You can rely on the strategic planning skills and know-how of our expert planners, who are qualified to plan and manage all your meetings and events, including summits, conferences, assemblies, internal meetings, community events, and more, whether they are at local or national level. Our team possesses a wide-ranging skill set that can help government institutions drive meeting efficiency targets and manage budgets. Since we also have a vast network of contacts with suppliers, contractors, venue managers, and hotel chains, we are in an ideal position to negotiate the best terms, conditions, and rates on behalf of governmental institution clients.

Our conference and meeting planning services include but are not limited to project management, liaison with third-party contractors, venue sourcing and management, travel reservations, and accommodation arrangements.

Here at Congrex Switzerland we are are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with your institution.

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