White Paper

The Role of the PCO

Are you planning a conference, an event or a simple meeting? Do you know the wide range of services where a Professional Conference Organiser can support you? Find detailed information in our White Paper below.

How to Plan an International Conference

Tips to get started for local chairs and organising committees for a task that is time consuming and requires considerable planning.

International Hotel Contracts

Wow do you ensure you book the right hotels, at the right price with the right conditions, in a foreign country? Our White Paper will give you some valuable information.

Defining Roles in Meeting Management

For successful meeting management, team organisers have to clearly define the responsibilitiesis of the members so that every requirement is met on time. Please download our White Paper.

Conference Cash-Flow Management

When organising a successful conference or event, a key ingredient is your ability to manage and produce a conference cash-flow management plan. Find detailed information in our White Paper below.

Strategic Planning is Key to Effective Digital Marketing for Associations

As we approach 2016, associations must be proactive in embracing the digital age in planning their marketing strategy. Download our White Paper and read about what that means with regard to membership, messaging and budget planning.

Effective Venue Sourcing For Your Next Conference

Effective venue sourcing is key for the success of your next conference, meeting or trade show. Gain knowledge and a broad view about venue sourcing for you and your organisation with this White Paper.


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