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conference management PCO

Taking the Guesswork Out of Conference Management: Investing in a PCO

The tasks involved in conference management can be daunting. Often occurring within a highly competitive landscape, organisations need to focus…

conference space

Sourcing Your Conference Space: Turnkey Strategies to Meet Your Demanding Needs

Any type of professional conference, seminar, meeting or event must be accurately planned from the very start. Although many stakeholders…

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Collaborate and Create: Networking Ideas for Conferences

Networking ideas for conferences. Conference organisers are increasingly placing networking opportunities at the forefront of their events programmes. The reasoning…

The Future is now: Identifying current Trends in Association Management

There is little doubt that professional association management within the associations community is experiencing a renaissance of late. Perhaps unfairly,…

Healthcare Compliance in Medical Education: It's all about perception?

Healthcare Compliance in Medical Education: It’s all about perception

This week’s blog post comes from our team members Judith Bärfuss (Meeting Planning Manager) and Carolin Steiner (Industry Relations Manager) who…

Conference Timeline

8 Tips For Your Conference Timeline Outline 

There are many factors that will impact the conference timeline and initial steps to be taken when planning an event. It…

Appoint a PCO - Professional Conference Organizer

When To Appoint A PCO?

You can really decide to appoint a PCO or Professional Conference Organiser at any stage during the conference planning process,…

Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

The Importance of Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

Income from the Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship is very important. You need to look for someone who can help you…

professional congress organiser Core PCO

The Role of the Professional Conference Organiser (Core PCO)

“Many people ask the question, what is a PCO? PCO is just an acronym for Professional Conference Organiser. A company…

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