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Networking ideas for conferences

Collaborate and Create: Networking Ideas for Conferences

Networking ideas for conferences. Conference organisers are increasingly placing networking opportunities at the forefront of their events programmes. The reasoning…

conference attendance

Keeping attendance levels at your event – 6 key steps to successfully market your event

Many associations and corporate companies are faced with the difficulty of keeping conference attendance figures up. Developing a clear marketing…

Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

The Importance of Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship

Income from the Conference Exhibition and Sponsorship is very important. You need to look for someone who can help you…

How to: International Conference Planning

Have you ever tried to organise a conference? How about attending an international conference? If yes, then you might have…

professional congress organiser Core PCO

The Role of the Professional Conference Organiser (Core PCO)

“Many people ask the question, what is a PCO? PCO is just an acronym for Professional Conference Organiser. A company…

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