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Do you want to know about new ways of engaging the audience at your next conference? Delegates are increasingly looking for conference formats that will actively involve them, facilitate the learning process, and keep them engaged during the event. Below, we share our curated content about the topic of conference engagement.

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Healthcare Compliance in Medical Education: It's all about perception?

Healthcare Compliance in Medical Education: It’s all about perception

This week’s blog post comes from our team members Judith Bärfuss (Meeting Planning Manager) and Carolin Steiner (Industry Relations Manager) who…

Venue Sourcing

5 Tips For Effective Venue Sourcing For Your Next Conference

Effective venue sourcing is key for the success of your next conference, meeting or trade show. Not long after the…

Building Relationships Online with Social Media

Building Relationships Online With Social Media Marketing

What´s the issue with building relationships online? Thеѕе days а lot оf uѕ аrе online, wе socialise, purchase, run businesses…

How to Focus Effective Digital Marketing for Associations – Part I: Membership

Today we talk about Digital Marketing for Associations. Associations are the mainstay of the business community, however they encounter many…

Member Engagement in Association Management

Member Engagement in Association Management

Member engagement is one of the leading topics when it comes to association management in the last years. As we…

professional congress organiser Core PCO

The Role of the Professional Conference Organiser (Core PCO)

“Many people ask the question, what is a PCO? PCO is just an acronym for Professional Conference Organiser. A company…

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