White Paper 12: Hygiene and Infection Protection for Business Events and Venues

It would be an understatement to say that the events of 2020 took the business event and meeting industry by storm. According to surveys, more than 80 million event attendees worldwide were affected by cancellations or postponements.

In this scenario, event organisers and venue managers have raced against the clock to redesign meetings in ways that deliver value to attendees and comply with new health and infection prevention regulations. While the general consensus is that professional events and conferences will continue to take place in 2021 and beyond, the question is what’s next for this industry and what will it take for it to rebound.

At Congrex Switzerland we have been closely following the latest developments and our understanding is that hygiene and infection protection compliance will be essential for our industry recovery. Our team has created this white paper describing the challenges that lie ahead, as well as the conceptual and practical framework that can propel the events sector forward in full compliance.

Congrex Switzerland

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