White Paper 11: A Comprehensive Guide To Securing Conference & Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship can lead to a remarkable collaboration between brands or organisations with similar or complementary goals. Ultimately, the process of getting sponsors on board and delivering outstanding events is a relationship-building process, and as such, it must be built on trust and value. With the suggestions we discuss in this paper, you will be able to unlock the value of your conference or event and to build solid relationships that open up opportunities both for you and your sponsor.

2020 Update: The shift from physical events to digital events touches on every aspect of event planning but does not need to jeopardise the organiser’s ability to secure sponsorship. Restrictions on live events can be turned into opportunities, as they urge organisers to get creative with their online event sponsorship ideas. Use the ideas and guidelines described in this White Paper to design compelling packages that provide exposure, stimulate engagement, and promote the sponsor’s brand.

Congrex Switzerland

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