Get ready: 7th Joint ECTRIMS – ACTRIMS Meeting – World’s Largest Multiple Sclerosis Conference

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Multiple sclerosis professionals have the opportunity to attend an unmissable event in the charming city of Paris. The French capital will host the upcoming celebration of #MSParis2017, the 7th Joint ECTRIMS – ACTRIMS Meeting, which this year will take place from 25th to 28th October 2017.

At Congrex Switzerland we are proud to have been chosen already in 1999 as core professional conference organiser (Core PCO) and it has been a pleasure to partner also in 2017 with ECTRIMS in the organisation of this medical conference. As Europe’s most renowned association in the field of multiple sclerosis, ECTRIMS collaborates with pioneering institutions from all over the world to facilitate research and improve clinical outcomes in multiple sclerosis patients. This year’s meeting was created to support these aims by facilitating the exchange of ideas and latest research findings, creating synergy between participants, and promoting a climate of learning.

Over the course of several months, the organisation has received a record number of abstracts (more than 2,000). Selecting the most novel and informative pieces has been undoubtedly hard work given the outstanding quality of the abstracts submitted this year. Posters and e-posters will be covering a variety of clinical topics.

As a result, this event will be a one-of-a-kind medical conference with an excellent educational programme. Here’s a sneak peek of the content you can expect to find during this conference:

  • Scientific presentations featuring novel clinical trial findings and translational research
  • Two plenary lectures
  • Sixteen parallel sessions
  • Eighteen Teaching Courses
  • Ten hot topic sessions Four free sessions Sessions for young investigators and nurses
  • A variety of poster and social media sessions

We would also like to remind all attendees that the meeting’s programme allows time for social activities. There will be a networking session on Wednesday evening set in the palatial Musée d’Orsay – make sure you don’t miss it! And it goes without saying that the conference schedule on the last day ensures all participants will have time to explore the dazzling city of Paris and everything it has to offer.

We do not doubt that this will be a remarkable meeting, both regarding size and content. Almost 10,000 attendees from over 100 countries have already registered, so this year’s conference will be the largest and most diverse meeting held so far on the topic of multiple sclerosis. The 7th Joint ECTRIMS – ACTRIMS Meeting is set to become a milestone for physicians, researchers, scientists, practitioners, and everyone who has a keen interest in improving the lives of multiple sclerosis patients.

And speaking of improving lives, this year’s conference will also contribute to making a difference to the lives of South African women. Following Congrex’ recommendation, the organisers have partnered with Township® to offer attendees an exceptional item: a handmade fair-trade bag created by women’s sewing cooperatives in the townships outside Cape Town.

As a final note, our association consulting team would like to thank ECTRIMS for the opportunity to be part of such a unique and far-reaching event. Congrex Switzerland is proud to be a long-standing partner and the Core PCO of choice of the organisers of the World’s largest international conferences on multiple sclerosis research. Our meeting management, association consulting and business travel teams are passionate about organising events that prioritise the needs and goals of our clients while delivering a participant-centric experience that makes a positive and lasting impression all the time and every time.

Register now! We will be delighted to welcome you in Paris this week.

For information about the 7th Joint ECTRIMS – ACTRIMS Meeting please visit the website:


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