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Corporate social responsibility

We care about our planet and the social environment.

Are you planning a conference and want it to be as sustainable as possible?

When looking back over the past 20 years and evaluating what has happened, we realize that the world has changed beyond recognition. Technology has paved the way for people to connect in ways we never thought possible and in turn has changed politics, world affairs, sciences and modern culture.

All these changes have also impacted the communities and resources we use as a company. We believe that by recognising these resources are not infinite, we indeed have the responsibility to act in a sustainable manner with high ethical standards and with a culture that values reliability, efficiency, professionalism, honesty, integrity and imagination, in all that we do.

We support our clients by providing leadership and role modelling in making healthier choices at their events. As a team, we decided to support Healthy VenuesThe Healthy Venues family provides us with the tools enabling us to make the best and healthiest venue selection and hence an overall better event experience for all.

We can help our clients to integrate a Corporate Social Responsibility policy into their supplier chains and to reduce and compensate for the environmental impacts caused by their congresses. Small things can help the environment and we are proud to offer extensive consultancy regarding this important topic. 

In order to provide the best consultancy to our clients, we will continue to remain committed to expanding our understanding of social and environmental issues that affect our businesses and our communities.

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